Yamaha Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Enjoy Multichannel Recordings with Yamaha Satellite Home Speaker Systems

When you want to hear your favorite music in surround sound, you need to make sure that you use a sound system with consistent speakers and a powered subwoofer. Yamaha manufactures surround satellite home speaker and subwoofer systems that can be positioned in a 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel arrangement. Now you can enjoy listening to music albums, movies, or television shows from all angles of your home theater.

How many Yamaha speakers will you need to buy?

A 5.1-channel surround system uses six Yamaha speakers: left front, center, right front, rear left, rear right, and the powered subwoofer. A 7.1-channel setup adds a side left and side right output. The type of surround sound receiver that you have will determine how many Yamaha speakers you will need to acquire. Also, keep in mind the output level of watts of your Yamaha speakers and if they will be powerful enough to work with your amplifier. Also, pay attention to the maximum frequency response of your subwoofer. Consult with the instruction manual of the speakers and the amplifier for compatibility.

How does each speaker work in a surround sound setup?

A playback device with a surround sound recording will play through a 5.1-channel or a 7.1-channel enabled receiver. The receiver will send each channel their respective part of the recording. Like if a car noise is supposed to travel from the rear left to the rear right channel, the audio will first be heard on RL and then panned to RR. Each of the speakers will be wired to the respective channels on the back of the receiver. In some stereo recordings, the receiver will simulate surround sound by using a built-in encoder. All the bass frequencies will be heard in the subwoofer.

How should you care for Yamaha surround sound speakers?

Yamaha speakers and subwoofers can help you enjoy your music recordings. However, they are sophisticated electronic devices that should be treated with care. Some tips for the care of surround speakers may include:

  • Listen to your music in your home theater at a safe decibel level to protect your hearing.
  • Set up your surround sound system away from moist areas. Keep all speakers, the subwoofer, and all other audio equipment well ventilated and away from extreme heat.
  • Only use compatible speaker wire to set up your surround sound system. Secure any loose wire that crosses any floors.
  • Follow all installation instructions, and use all audio entertainment equipment as originally designed.
  • Keep all magnetic items away from your speakers and subwoofer.
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