Zenitar Camera Lenses

For those who enjoy sharp, clear images at a reasonable cost, Zenitar camera lenses are a viable option. While many photographers spend several hours belaboring over which camera to buy, few spend as much time focused on lenses. Ironically, although most lenses are cheaper than the camera body to which they attach, the lens actually plays an arguably larger role in creating that magazine-quality image for which photographers are searching. Luckily, there are many Zenitar lenses available from a multitude of sellers on eBay.

What Does Zenitar Specialize In?

Zenitar is a Russian lens manufacturer famous for making economical lenses that attach using the M42 mount.

  • Many of its lenses mount to Canon and Nikon camera bodies, arguably the two most popular DSLR manufacturers.
  • With the many inexpensive adapter rings on the market today, you can realistically use these lenses on virtually any modern camera.
  • All Zenitar lenses are prime lenses, meaning they have a fixed focal length, like 16mm, and have a set maximum aperture.

Why Do I Want a Prime Lens?

Prime lenses are beloved by photographers who seek deep, rich, high-quality photos. While a variable focal length, like an 18-55mm zoom lens, allows you to zoom in and out to change the distance between you and your subject, a prime lens, like 50mm, is set to that specific focal length.

  • The advantage is that Zenitar entirely builds the lens around the concept of performing optimally at that exact focal length. With zoom lenses, the product tries to perform well at all possible focal lengths, but therefore fails to perform perfectly all throughout the range.
  • Because Zenitar wishes to set its stake in the industry as a sharp lens, it sells only primes, meaning you can rest assured that you are getting a product that will perform well at its advertised focal length.

Which Zenitar Lens is Right For Me?

The Zenitar lens you choose depends primarily on which focal length you are looking to add to your collection.

  • For those who are looking for a solid portrait lens, the Zenitar 50mm is perfect for the job. This is the best all-around focal length in the Zenitar catalog.
  • Those looking for a lens with a more telephoto feel would do well to consider the 85mm.
  • For those on the other end of the spectrum who want to get up close and personal, the 16mm may be the perfect choice. At 16mm, this is a true full-scale fish eye, giving you that curved photo look that appears so enticing. The fish eye has an aperture of f/1.2, producing photos with an incredible depth of field.

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