Load, Store, and Listen with the iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation

When carrying large devices just won’t do, grab the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle. Think of it as a handy assistant, providing your favorite tunes while working out, traveling or sitting at your desk. You will find 2nd Generation models in a variety of colors on eBay.

What can the iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation do?

The iPod Shuffle is a small device used to load audio and store data files. You can move files from the iTunes store, CDs, and the music library on your computer. A successful transfer allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. It features a touch wheel to operate play, pause, and volume functions. Other features include:

  • Plays MP3, WAV, AAC, VBR, and AIFF audible formats
  • Shuffle switch allows you to rearrange and repeat songs at will
  • Provides 12 hours play on a single charge
  • Stores up to 500 songs (2GB, 1GB models hold up to 240 songs)
How can you store data on the iPod Shuffle?

You can use the iPod Shuffle as a backup drive by configuring the device to store data. First, you will need to connect the iPod to your computer with the sync cable. Then, launch the iTunes app and tap the iPod icon. From the source pane, click the summary tab and check the box to ‘enable disk use.’ Next, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open ‘My Computer’ on your PC or ‘Finder’ on your Mac.
  • 2. Click on the iPod icon and then press the settings tab to create a new folder.
  • 3. After naming the folder, drag the file from the desktop and place it in the new folder.
  • 4. Before removing the cable from your computer, use the eject function to avoid damaging your files.
How do you know which 2nd Generation model to choose?

People often confuse the iPod Shuffle with the iPod Mini. The 2nd Generation iPod shuffle is about the size of a matchbook and features an integrated clip to attach to clothes. It has a storage capacity of either one or two gigabytes (depending on the year of the model). Surprisingly, the iPod 2nd Generation Mini is larger with a storage capacity between four to six gigs. Also, it features a display screen to view playlist, browse files, and control settings.

What accessories are available for the iPod Shuffle?

With a set of earphones, you can enjoy audio wherever you go. Although earpieces come with some devices, you may want a separate set of earbuds, if you purchase a used model. You’ll also need a docking station and cable to sync and power the device.

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