Binders & Stitchers

Create Sturdy Books with Binders and Stitchers

Whether youre a commercial binder or you just need a private stitcher for the office, purchasing a binder or stitcher is a great way to improve the quality of your books. Dont leave the binding and stitching to be done by hand. With the purchasing power of eBay, youll have your books bound and ready to read in no time.

What can you use a binder for?

Binders can be used for many different types of books. You can use a binder to create books ranging from manuals to manuscripts. These include:

  • Office manuals
  • Novels
  • Textbooks
  • How-to guides
  • Office policy and procedure instructions
What does a bookbinder or stitcher do?

Binding books is simply the process of taking a group of printed pages and combining them into a singular product. This can be done through several means. The process of making books using a bookbinder or stitcher is often unknown. The ways in which you can bind books include:

  • Hot glue, which binds the book so it can be viewed as a hardcover or softcover book. Hot glue is the most common way to bind a book. This process can be seen in most novels, textbooks, and other popular books, whether they are hardcover or softcover books.
  • Stitching, which is done by punching holes throughout the outer part of the pages and binding the book via plastic rings. This is generally the way office manuals and rulebooks are bound. However, this method can sometimes be viewed as less sturdy when compared to the hot glue method.
How should one search for a book stitcher?

When you begin to search for your book stitcher in this eBay category, whether for office or personal use, it is extremely important that you know what you are looking for. Things like maximum capacity, type of stitcher, and power supply are all very important factors to the owner of a stitcher. You dont want to buy a stitcher that can only hold 1,000 pages when you need several thousand to be bound into one book. So, pay close attention when viewing stitchers online. You will want to have your specifications ready before you begin your search.