Kits de reconstrucción de motor para coche y camión

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Car Truck Engine Rebuilding Kits

Whether you’re a mechanic who gets paid to install engines or a do-it-yourself person, engine rebuilding kits can be helpful. They bring together all of the essential parts in one convenient kit. Because cars and trucks are different by year, make, and model; each rebuilding presents unique challenges.

What is a re-ring rebuilding kit?

A ring and valve job is done with the motor block in the cars motor. It’s done on cars whose pistons are in good condition but that need to have a complete ring and valve job to refresh the motor. A re-ring engine rebuilding kit is the smallest rebuild kit. Typically, a re-ring means repairing the motor up to the level of the failure. That is, if a part is broken, fix it. If it is not, do not. This type of rebuilding can be done with the motor attached to the chassis.

What is an in-frame rebuild kit?

There are several levels of engine rebuilding kits to use depending on the state of the parts in the engine. More often than not, you will want an in-frame engine rebuilding kit. As the name suggests, an in-frame kit can be installed while the motor stays in the frame of the vehicle. An in-frame engine rebuilding kit is the most common choice because it comes with all of the essentials that you will need to completely rebuild your motor. It is a great option if you think your pistons are in less-than-ideal condition and you do not want to risk potentially having to rebuild your motor again in a few months. In addition to an upper engine gasket set, which is comprised of a head gasket set and a few extra gaskets that fit in the upper engine, an engine rebuild kit will usually include:

  • Pistons and piston components, like pins and rings
  • Cylinder liners and liner seals
  • Rods and main bearings
  • Thrust washer
  • Oil pan gasket
What is an out-of-frame kit?

Before you replace the cylinder liners you will probably want to machine the cylinders. It will have the same basic components as an in-frame engine rebuilding kit but with a few upgrades. The head gasket set or both an upper engine and a lower engine set will be upgraded, and it will generally have all the gaskets and seals you will need as a result of pulling the motor from the chassis.

What is an out-of-frame rebuild kit?

An out-of-frame engine rebuilding kit has pretty much everything you need, and more, to rebuild your motor. It is useful for when you want a complete reconstruction. If you are not afraid of a little dirty work and you have time on your hands, an out-of-frame kit is useful when you are pulling the engine out of the vehicle to replace all the moving parts, whether you think it is necessary to repair or replace the part or not.