Go Rustic with Industrial Lights

Whether going with an industrial look for your new apartment or establishing your first bar or restaurant, vintage industrial lights help to achieve that warm ambiance characteristic of the industrial era. Before you pick out a bunch of lighting goodies, it's good to step back and develop a decor plan that includes the type and design of the lighting fixtures and lamps. This ensures you have the cohesiveness required to pull off the industrial style.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Industrial Light Fixture?

Metal such as steel and iron is the material of choice here. Whether it's rusty or glossy, you can pull off the industrial look by choosing a good combination of chandelier, lamp, and fixture types for lighting.

  • Chandeliers: Ideal for offices and hotel or restaurant lobbies, this fixture is imposing and regal. A chandelier consisting of pipes and Edison type bulbs, for example, is a tasteful fixture that embodies organized chaos with its bulbs seemingly facing every which way but actually lights up your space comprehensively.
  • Pendants: Pendant lights are ideal for lighting small individual spaces, such as restaurant cubicles and bar seats. Some feature shades and barn light electric fixtures with an old silver finish for antique vibe. Other pendants have a weathered iron shade akin to a cage to balance the light dispersing out of the pendant lighting bulbs.
  • Flush Mounts: These lamps are ideal for lighting up hallways and long spaces. They are installed directly on the wall or ceiling for a cohesive vintage industrial look.

What Style Is Ideal for My Space?

  • Antique: You can pull off antique style lighting by choosing bulbs, lights, metal pendants, lamps, and other fixtures from the same era or incorporate the same design. Bronze is a good example. Combined with brass chandeliers, pendants, and other industrial-era lighting fixtures, you can easily achieve an antique look in your office or home.
  • Rustic: The rustic style lighting calls for barn light electric shades, vintage lamps, filament bulbs, chandeliers, and pendants. This style embodies the rural way of life, so anything farm-related, like old lamps and shades, will do the job well.
  • Steampunk: As a more recently matured style, steampunk lighting combines high-technology with antique, vintage, and industrial tones to create a wondrous fictional era. Combine industrial brass, lamps, shades, pendants, and Edison bulbs to create an engineer's basement theme for your bar or cafe.

What Other Hardware do I Need for a Proper Installation?

  • Switch Plates: Add industrial switch plates to power your pendants and bulbs to get that cohesive effect. Industrial electrical outlets are also available.
  • Mounting Hardware: Pipes and metal brackets to mount the lights are ideal for hiding the wiring to get that cohesion.Choose between old silver, black iron, or glossy steampunk finishes to suit your style.