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The Wide Range of Kyocera Phones For The Sprint Network

Kyocera offers a wide range of phones such as smartphones and flip phones, but they are also well known for their durable and rugged phones. Some of their phones are even military grade and can withstand a great deal of force or impact. If you are on the Sprint network, there is a Kyocera phone that can meet your digital needs.

What are some of the features of Kyocera phones?

Each phone will offer different features depending on the model you choose. Some features that many Kyocera phones offer include:

  • Front- and rear-facing cameras
  • Touchscreens on smartphones
  • Push-to-talk features
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Slider phones with full QWERTY keyboards

What accessories come with this phone?

Generally, all that will come with the phone is a battery and a charging cable. Some phones will come with all of the original packaging and some optional accessories that might have come with the phone like a pair of earbuds or a belt clip of some kind. There are a wide range of accessories you can find, including cases, covers, and clips for attaching to a belt or pocket.

How do you activate the device?

How you activate the device will depend largely on whether or not you are an existing Sprint customer or whether you are a customer with one of the other carriers that uses the Sprint Network. To activate a phone on another network, you will need to contact the provider for instructions. To activate the phone on the Sprint network as an existing customer, follow these steps:

  1. Charge the phone you are activating.
  2. On your new phone's keypad, press *#06# to get your activation code and IMEI. If you have the box, you may be able to locate it there.
  3. Sign in to My Sprint as the account owner or to establish a new My Sprint account if you don’t have one. Follow the directions there to activate your device.

Are apps available for these phones?

Some Kyocera smartphones run the Android operating system and offer apps available on the Google Play store. Some Kyocera models run on the Windows platform that offers apps available for download from the Windows store. Some phones, while not technically smart phones, also offer a limited number of apps through the device itself. Some apps are pre-loaded onto the phone and some are available for purchase or download through the media center on the phone. Not all Kyocera mobile phones made for the Sprint network are smart phones, so some do not offer the ability to download apps.

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