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Find Macramé Patterns for Your Next Project

If you love the quirky look of macrame, learn how to make your own artwork with fun macramé patterns. There are all sorts of books and magazines to choose from that guide you through a range of plant holders, wall hangings, clothes, and other designs.

How do you tell if a pattern is easy to follow?

If you are new to macrame, don't worry. You'll find lots of easy patterns to choose from. Most patterns are labeled by the degree of difficulty. So you are not overwhelmed at first, you can start with small projects like jewelry and plant holders.

Another way of figuring out whether a macrame project book is for beginners is to look at the number of knots. Generally, projects with more knots will take a little more time to figure out. Though some macramé patterns are harder than others, there are not really any designs that would be considered truly difficult; some just might take much more time to finish. This fiber craft is generally very easy to pick up.

What projects show up in vintage pattern booklets?

There are all sorts of fun macrame projects from the 70s that you can try out by getting a vintage macrame pattern. A few types of projects show up over and over again in vintage macrame project books:

  • Wall art: Woven fabric can turn into a fun home accent when hung on a wall. One of the most widespread types of vintage macrame wall hangings were cute little owls, and another common design was dream catchers.
  • Clothes: All sorts of hippie clothing, including dresses, tops, and scarves, were made by hand with macrame patterns.
  • Plant holders: Since indoor plants were so predominant in the 70s, it is no surprise that many vintage designs create lovely woven holders for potted plants.
  • Accessories: Of course, the most common macrame accessory patterns are for necklaces and bracelets, but in vintage booklets, you can also find belts, bags, headbands, and even shoes!
Can you use any cord with macramé patterns?

Technically, any rope can be used alongside a pattern booklet to create macrame art. However, to get a design that looks as much like the pattern sheet as possible, use the type of cord recommended in the pattern booklet. Certain rope and cord textures may not produce the right level of stiffness for various clothing, plant holders, and other macrame pieces. If you want to size up or size down the project, you can adjust your cord size to add or remove bulk.