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VIZIO Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Enjoy Crisp, Lush Sound With Vizio Subwoofers and Speakers

Vizio subwoofers and speakers increase your options for custom home audio and theater setups. Choose between a range of speaker types and configurations on eBay.

What generation are the 5.0 Vizio subwoofers?

"5.0" refers to a type of speaker configuration. Vizio gives you the option of purchasing individual speakers and subwoofers to augment your existing setup, or purchasing a full set of Vizio subwoofers and speakers. Sets include certain types of speakers for a home theater array or for multi-channel music. The standard setups are:

  • 2.0: Two stereo speakers or a stereo and a subwoofer.
  • 2.1: Two stereo speakers and a subwoofer.
  • 3.0: Two stereo speakers (left/right) and a center speaker.
  • 3.1: Everything in a 3.0 plus a subwoofer.
  • 5.0/5.1: Four stereo speakers and a center speaker; four stereo speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer.
Do these speakers come with connecting wires and jacks?

It depends on the speaker in question. Vizio subwoofers and speakers on eBay are in gently used and new-in-box (NIB) condition. NIB models obviously include wires, jacks, and instructions, but gently used products often do as well. Luckily, Vizio subwoofers and speakers utilize universal types of wire and jacks compatible with all types of speakers and subwoofers across all audio brands. These universal wires and jacks are available on eBay. They are:

  • Digital Coaxial RCA/Stereo Right Left RCA
  • Digital Optical TOSLink
  • TRS/Audio Jack
  • USB
How do Vizio subwoofers and speakers connect via Bluetooth?

To connect Vizio subwoofers and speakers to your television via Bluetooth, your television must support external Bluetooth speaker connections. Check your owners manual to confirm. When youre ready to connect your speaker:

  • Position your Vizio subwoofer within the vicinity of your television. Switch the speaker on.
  • Open the Settings menu on your television. Select "Sound." Select "Speaker Output."
  • Choose between "TV Speaker," "Bluetooth Audio," or any other available options. Select "Bluetooth Audio."
  • Put your speaker in "Scan Mode." The speaker and your television should pair.
  • Specific steps may vary according to your television brand and type of Vizio subwoofer.
What are powered, active, and passive subwoofers?

An active subwoofer has its own built-in amplifier and dedicated power source. Experts use the words "active" and "powered" interchangeably. By contrast, a passive amplifier does not have its own amplifier or dedicated power source. Passive subwoofers are common in cars, where every speaker connects to a receiver (a tuner combined with an amplifier). Active subwoofers come in handy for multi-room sound setups and home theaters. Home theater sound systems often do not have a built-in amplifier for the bass channel. An active subwoofer compensates for this deficit. Plus, active subwoofers are famously easy to connect, disconnect, and move.

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