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Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are commonly seen at weddings of all sizes. It's a way to thank a guest for coming to enjoy the ceremony and reception. In many instances, the party favors are personalized, though it is not a requirement.

What are wedding favors used for?

Wedding favors are used as a way to thank guests for coming for the day as well as for bringing wedding gifts. Knowing how you want to use the wedding favors will make it easier to choose the right ones.

  • Decoration - You can choose to get favors that are elegant. They can match the decor of the event.
  • Memorabilia - You might want to send every guest home with a gift where they can remember the event, complete with a photo of the couple.
  • Thank you - Favors are also a great way to say thank you, and they may include coasters, candy, or something else.
How are wedding favors personalized?

Personalized party favors are seen in a variety of different ways. You can choose to personalize the gift box that the favor goes into, or you can personalize the object itself. This will make it easier for you to distribute a one-of-a-kind gift to everyone who attends your big day.

  • Names - The names of the bride and groom can be printed onto the wedding favors.
  • Date - The date of the wedding can be printed onto coasters and other wedding favors.
  • Photo - A photo of the couple can be included on a candy bar and other items.
How do you shop for wedding favors?

It's important to take some time to consider the different wedding-favor ideas that are on the market. The theme you choose for your wedding should be considered so that the wedding favors coordinate well. From there, you can start to look at what you want all of the guests to walk away with.

  • Favor - Take a look at the favor itself, ranging from a card to a bottle of water. You might decide to have multiple favors, such as something to give during the ceremony and another for the reception.
  • Personalization - If you want the wedding favors to be personalized, be sure to find the right product and decide what you want included.
  • Box - You might choose to put the favor in a box or bag to put at each place setting.
  • Cost - You should explore the cost based on the number of guests you have. You might also want more elaborate gifts for those in your bridal party.