Mailboxes and Slots

Shopping for a new mailbox or mail slot is both easy and fun. From elegant brass designs to weather-resistant heavy plastic, the choices in style and economy are vast.

What is a wall-mount box?

As the name implies, wall-mounted boxes are placed on a wall, usually next to the front door. They are usually weather-sealed in order to protect the mail inside. The letters do not directly enter the house when placed in a wall-mounted box, so you will still need to check it from time to time.

What is a mail slot?

Mail slots, which are also called door slots, are openings with a flap that are directly fitted into the body of a door. This flap allows your letters to directly enter into the house once they’ve been inserted through the opening in the door.

What do you need to consider?

First, only replace a certain mailbox with another of the same kind. For example, replace a curbside letterbox only with another designed for curbside delivery. The same applies to an existing door slot or wall-mounted mailbox. The postal service is the one who determines who qualifies for either door or curbside delivery. Unless prior permission has been obtained, replace your collection device with one of the same type.

Consider also that curbside boxes and posts can be sold separately or together. Both posts and boxes come in a variety of materials. Posts are typically constructed of metal or concrete, while boxes come in more materials. If you do not have a wall or door mail slot, consider purchasing a locked box. This is can be helpful if receiving important business-related letters or parcels in a curbside box. Mail can be easily placed into a locked box through a mail slot on the box. To retrieve your mail, just use the key to unlock the letterbox.

What kind of materials are mailboxes and slots made of?

Because weather resistance is a must for outdoor mailboxes, they tend to come in durable materials. Some of these materials include:

  • Aluminum: Their main advantage is their rust-proof quality.
  • Brass: Brass boxes have a classy, timeless look. Brass may come in a variety of finishes that include polished brass, antique brass, and vintage brass.
  • Stainless steel: Choose stainless steel for superior wall strength. Stainless steel is also typically powder coated for scratch prevention.
  • UPVC: This is a non-metallic, durable, and weatherproof material that is tougher than plastic.
  • Wood: Boxes made from wood can add an air of originality.
Should you worry about dimensions?

Fortunately, if you purchase a mailbox or mail slot, you do not have to worry about dimensional requirements. This is because mailboxes sold commercially in the US must conform to the regulations of the USPS. This is also true of mailboxes that come on stands.

How can you extend the life of your mailbox or mail slot?

There are a few steps you can take to maintain your mailbox or mail slot. First, be sure to check your address numbers and replace them as necessary. They can fall off on occasion, especially when rough weather passes through. Next, protect all moving metal parts by applying lubrication. You'll want to do this every few months to keep the mailbox or mail slot from sealing shut, especially if it's made of metal. Finally, check the door hinges and tighten them as needed. If the door comes off, it can allow rain into the mailbox or, even worse, your living room.