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Life Fitness Treadmills

Life Fitness Treadmills Provide Quality Cardiovascular Workouts

Life Fitness designs their treadmills for both your home or your commercial fitness facility. You'll find, though, that Life Fitness treadmills for your home offer the same standard of quality as those designed for fitness centers. Both the treadmills for home and those for commercial facilities are available in several different models with features that meet the needs of different users.

What Life Fitness models are designed for home use?

The Life Fitness models designed for home use include:

  • The Platinum Club Series Model comes with a choice of consoles and choices of frame colors.
  • The T5 Treadmill with the FlexDeck Select system allows you to choose the firmness of the running deck. The T5 also offers a choice of consoles.
  • The F3 Folding Treadmill with the Go Console is a foldaway treadmill for compact storage.
  • The T3 Treadmill with a sleek frame is designed to complement your home's decor.
  • The Club Series+ Treadmill with advanced exercise technology is designed to offer home users a club-quality running experience.
What Life Fitness models are designed for use in fitness centers?

Life Fitness treadmills designed for use in fitness centers include:

  • The Elevation Series comes with a choice of consoles, frame colors, and the FlexDeck Select system. It allows runners to choose the hardness or softness of the running deck. This treadmill provides owners with detailed information on how the treadmill is being used.
  • The Integrity Series offers durable treadmills with the FlexDeck System. It provides fitness center owners and managers with information about maintenance issues. This series offers a choice of four consoles and four frame colors on a deluxe or simple base.
  • The Activate Series comes with the FlexDeck System, and it includes an intuitive console designed to be easy to use for both regular members and those new to using fitness center equipment. This treadmill also provides statistics about its use.
What should you consider when purchasing a treadmill?

Look for a treadmill that will accommodate the type of workout that you want to do. If you prefer fitness walking, you will want a treadmill that offers lower speeds. If, however, you prefer running or jogging, you'll want a treadmill that offers higher speeds. If you want to do interval training and change the interval settings yourself as you exercise, you'll want to be sure that the controls for changing the treadmill's speed are easily accessible.

A treadmill that offers a variety of programs prevents boredom with your workout routine. You'll also want a range of programs that will provide continuing challenges as your level of fitness improves.

A treadmill with incline adjustment offers another way to make workouts more challenging. Treadmills that allow you to create a personal profile with your height and weight provide more accurate readings of the calories you've burned during your workout. If you're purchasing a treadmill for your home and more than one person will use it, you'll want a treadmill that allows everyone to create and store their profile and track their own progress.

Treadmills that can receive signals from a heart rate monitor provide more accurate tracking than those that rely on monitors contained in the hand grips on the treadmill. A safety key prevents injuries by stopping the treadmill when it's removed. An LCD display provides a lot of information that allows you to track your workout easily. For example, the display can help you keep your heart rate in your selected target zone.

What else should you consider when purchasing a treadmill?

You may want to consider purchasing a mat along with your treadmill. A mat not only protects your floor but also improves the stability of the treadmill and prevents it from sliding around or moving as you exercise.

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