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Nikon 35mm Film Cameras

How to Choose 35mm Cameras

Any imagery that is important enough to photograph is worthy of having a decent camera behind it. This is one reason why many consumers stand behind a 35mm film camera when it comes to capturing images that are special. Knowing more about these types of film cameras helps shoppers choose models that fit their photography needs.

Which Types of Features Are Available on a 35mm Camera?

Just like a digital camera, the features available on a 35mm film camera can vary depending on the manufacturer, and often vary even within the same brand as different product lines become available. For example, not all cameras in the Nikon line, like the FM-10, AE-1, F, Photomic, FG-20, FM3A, or other SLR camera products are going to have all of the same features. Sometimes it is easier to search by film camera or lens features to find a camera that meets specific needs. Some feature choices include:

  • Built-In Flash: Built-in flash features help ensure that images are crisp, even in low-light conditions. Many SLR models are compact cameras, which make them easy to carry and store.
  • Date Imprint: Most 35mm SLR cameras come with features that imprint the date of the photo directly onto the film.
  • Self-Timer: The self-timer makes it possible for everyone to be in a photo at the same time. Users can also take selfies by holding the camera at eye-level or other angles, and let the self-timer capture the snapshot.

What Are the Focus Types of 35mm Film Cameras?

There are numerous focus types available for cameras with the analog 35mm film single-lens reflex, or SLR, formatting design. Nikon and other 35mm SLR film camera manufacturers make this film equipment in top-of-the-line and lower budget camera models that offer different focus choices. Some SLR camera focus types include:

  • Fixed Focus: Sometimes referred to as focus-free cameras, this type of 35 mm SLR film camera body features a lens set by the manufacturer to have a fairly small aperture. The lens design is not adjustable, but gives photographers more depth of field.
  • Manual Focus: An SLR film camera with manual focus lens allows users to adjust the settings by hand to get the shot they desire. This lens design, especially when added to an F-mount tripod, is helpful when attempting to hone in the subject matter at a specific angle or distance.
  • Auto Focus: Some still cameras in this 35mm SLR range are film cameras with auto-focus technology, sometimes marked as an AF or AF-S camera, which give the user the ability to manually choose settings to fit the desired subject and environment. The AF camera responds to the setting inputs and the lens and flash automatically adjust to fit the need. There are also 35-70mm film AF point-and-shoot cameras with a zoom lens that take out the guesswork by automatically adjusting the lens and other components to match subject distance, light conditions, shutter speed, pentaprism angle, and focal-plane so the SLR camera and film capture decent snapshots.

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